Exile and Memory – Interdisciplinary Perspectives

MJSS 2017, Exile and Memory, Grafik: Juma Hauser

Grafik: Juma Hauser

Exile and Memory – Interdisciplinary Perspectives

Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology

September 24-29, 2017

In 2017 Marie Jahoda Summer School invites young scholars working on the issue of exile and memory. The aim of the summer school is to establish an environment for intellectually open and interdisciplinary exchange of research projects. Research may be related to historical experiences of exile or to forms and types of exile in current contexts of forced migration. We encourage in particular projects focusing on individual or collective forms and practices of doing memory and its social and institutional conditions. This includes scientific work on artistic forms of exile-related ‘memory work’, research on group-specific and private memory practices and questions of intergenerational transmission, projects on institutionalised remembrance practices carried out in conflicting fields of tension with dominant forms of memory and discourse (associations, archives, museums), and research on marginalised, informal and invisible experiences of exile and memory which may provide access to counter memories.

The summer school offers seminars and lectures, field trips and workshops with researchers and practitioners. The faculty brings together an international and multi-disciplinary faculty of distinguished scholars: Prof. Marianne Hirsch (Columbia University, NYC), Prof. Smain Laacher (Université de Strasbourg), Dr. Breda Gray (University of Limerick), Dr. Marie Rodet (SOAS University of London), Prof. András Kovács (Central European University, Budapest).

Organisers: Prof. Christoph Reinprecht, Dr.in Maria Pohn-Lauggas, Camilo Molina, BA

Contact: mariejahoda.summerschool@univie.ac.at