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Policy and practise perspectives on older adult critical life‐course transitions and place in Ireland

Anna Urbaniak, Kieran Walsh

Major transitions in older people's lives can give rise to multifaceted forms of social exclusion, with subsequent impacts for later life health and well-being. With place now a central concept within policy on ageing and community care, there is the potential that it may offer new pathways to support older people undergoing these critical life transitions (CLTs). However, how policy and practice stakeholders working with and on behalf of these population groups understand, conceptualise and capitalise on the involvement of place in CLTs has not been investigated. This paper aims to address this deficit and explores the perspectives of key national and local actors on three CLTs—dementia, bereavement and forced migration—and their relationship with place and exclusion. The analysis involved 18 semi-structured interviews with stakeholders from policy, practice and advocacy spheres related to the CLTs and ageing in general. Interviews highlighted the differences across stakeholders in perceived exclusionary impacts, and the different degrees to which place is conceptualised in relation to these transitions. Findings illustrate the lack of a holistic policy approach to the needs of older people experiencing CLTs that impedes our capacity to truly harness place in supporting older people. The article concludes by arguing for a more nuanced reconstruction of place and its meanings in the context of CLTs.

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