Mit Niklas Pernhaupt

Mi, 2. März 2022 12:30-14:00

hybrid im Besprechungsraum des IfS im 4. Stock und online

Joint Imagination of Automation in Future Everyday Lives


Among the multiple recent challenges to and for democracy, rapid technological advancement, particularly in terms of automation, is arguably a prominent one. Klaus Schwab, founder of the World Economic Forum (WEF), even historicized the current period under the fuzzy epoch concept of the ‘fourth industrial revolution’ (4IR). The proposed dissertation reiterates John Dewey’s (1939) call for creative democracy to deal with challenges to and for democracy – now posed by 4IR. Thus, drawing on Dewey’s concept of imagination as “creatively tapping a situation’s possibilities” (Fesmire, 2003, p. 65), I ask how persons jointly imagine the future role of automation in everyday lives. The thesis is planned in three steps. In the first step, I want to create a conceptual framework for what I call communicative imagination by drawing on Dewey’s imagination, Knoblauch’s (2020) communicative action, and concepts from cognitive sociology. In a second step, I want to create a methodological framework – based on focus group discussions – to allow for an empirical observation of communicative imagination. The initial methodological framework will be evaluated throughout a pilot study in which different group settings will be analysed via conversation analysis. In the last step, I shall apply the conceptual and adapted methodological framework to address the overall research question posed above.

Keywords: communicative imagination, cognitive sociology, fourth industrial revolution, automation, future, focus groups, conversation analysis


Ich freue mich über Feedback zur Präsentation mit Blick auf die FÖP, aber auch über kritische Anmerkungen zur Arbeit selbst. Niklas Pernhaupt


Das Werkstattgespräch findet am 2.3.2022, 12:30-14:00, hybrid im Besprechungsraum des IfS im 4. Stock und online statt. Meeting-ID: 664 2149 8736; Kenncode: 175268 univienna.zoom.us/j/66421498736