Family | Generations | Life Course | Health

In the key research area of family, generations, course of life and health, we address demographic challenges, socio-demographic developments and the effects of current social processes on courses of life, families and family life. Further foci include dynamics and changes in the course of life and family life, the construction of different family forms and stages of life, relationships between family members and generations or relationships between families and other areas of society. Research on health and health promotion particularly focus on the development of longevity.

A methodical focus is on qualitative survey methods and the development of innovative and non-verbal research designs. However, the methods used also include longitudinal design, evaluation techniques for measure effects or biographical research methods. In addition to basic theoretical issues (e.g. the development of generational relations over the course of life, research in the field of prejudice and stereotypes), we also analyse social and socio-political problems (e.g. unemployment among older employees, poverty among single parents, maternity leave arrangements, types of housing in the course of a lifetime).

Current Research Projects