Degree programme in Sociology at the University of Vienna

Sociology is the science of human coexistence, of social orders and of change at different levels, from the level of the individual to global society. The degree programme in Sociology provides academic education about theories and methods. It enables graduates to pursue a career in many areas of society. At the Department of Sociology, students acquire specialist knowledge, develop skills of analytical and critical thinking and become familiar with research on many topics that are relevant for society.

Range of degree programmes

Studying at the Department of Sociology – SPL 23

Students who would like to study sociology can choose from the following degree programmes at the Department of Sociology of the University of Vienna:

Students enrolled on other degree programmes can attend certain courses offered at the Department of Sociology:

The Directorate of Studies 23 – Sociology (SPL 23) is responsible for this study programme.

Studying at the Faculty of Social Sciences – SPL 40

At the Faculty of Social Sciences you can study sociology as part of a:

The Directorate of Doctoral Studies for Social Sciences (SPL 40) is responsible for the supervision of doctoral candidates.

Studying abroad – ERASMUS+

ERASMUS+ enables students to study abroad:

  • OUTGOING – Students of the Department of Sociology have the opportunity to study at a partner university abroad.
  • INCOMING – Students from other European countries have the opportunity to study at the Department of Sociology.

Postgraduate Studies

The University of Vienna offers a wide range of continuous education and training, ranging from regular degree programmes to different postgraduate programmes. Postgraduate programmes enable participants to acquire interdisciplinary, occupational and additional qualifications.

The Postgraduate Center is the University of Vienna's center for continuing education and training.

The Department of Sociology is participating in the following postgraduate programmes: