Research at the Department of Sociology

Research at the Department of Sociology follows the tradition of the Vienna School of Sociology, which is oriented towards social problems and develops sociological theories and social diagnoses on the basis of empirical research.

Main Research Areas

Currently, the key areas of research are:

Work | Organisation | Gender

  • Forms of work and work relations
  • Flexible work
  • Organisational processes
  • Segregation by gender

Migration | Cities | Social Policy | Social Inequality

  • Diversity of forms of migration
  • Socio-structural diversity
  • Integration
  • Relations between majority and minorities

Family | Generation | Life Course | Health

  • Socio-demographic trends
  • Construction of family patterns / stages of life
  • Generational relationships
  • Longevity

Knowledge | Culture | Visual Worlds

  • Dynamics of change of material culture
  • Expertise, professionalism and competence
  • Cultural change through media change
  • Visual sociology

Main Research Methods

The main empirical methods used are:

Complex Statistical Methods for Analysis

  • Cross-sectional and longitudinal analysis
  • Structural equation models
  • Sequence data analysis

Interpretative Methodologies and Methods

  • Interpretive paradigm
  • Grounded theory
  • Methods of biographical research

Analysis of Images, Film and Media

  • Participatory photo interviews
  • Visual segment analysis
  • Ethnographic films


Forschung an der Universität Wien (©: Universität Wien)

The Department of Sociology carries out a variety of third-party funded research projects. The diversity of topics and methods plays an important role in extending and deepening academic knowledge.

Research Platforms and Networks

Die Jubiläumskampagne

Members of the Department participate in research platforms and research networks of the University of Vienna, where they carry out interdisciplinary and innovative research on topics relevant for society.

The data centre is a project of the Department of Sociology that provides employees and students with access to secondary data. The primary objective is to support early stage researchers and promote the research activities of members of the Faculty of Social Sciences.

Research Teams

Gebäude des Instituts für Soziologie, Aufschrift Haustor, Universität Wien, Rooseveltplatz 2, 1090 Wien

Teams operate under the guidance of professors from the Department and focus on diverse topics and methods. They consist of postdocs, predocs, teaching assistants and sometimes administrative staff.

Logo des Projekts

The Department of Sociology aims to combine the knowledge, the experiences and the methodological approaches from its main areas of research in its own project “Wege in die Zukunft” ("Pathways to the Future"). Students actively participate in the project.


IfS Working Papers

The Department’s Working Papers series is an opportunity for interested academics and students affiliated with the Department to publish their research results as well as well-founded discussions of current socio-political developments.