Data Centre

The Data Centre is a project of the Department of Sociology which helps employees and students to gain access to secondary data. Primarily, the goal is to support young academics and research projects of employees at the Faculty of Social Sciences. The data is provided on the basis of user licences with Eurostat and other facilities as well as data that is collected by projects at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Furthermore, the Data Centre provides links to international facilities which offer direct downloads.

Concerning quantitative data files, we offer two types: international comparative data sets and national theme-based data sets. They cover a large variety of topics on the basis of households and individuals:

  • Quality of Life
  • Labour Market
  • Values and Attitudes
  • Health
  • Education
  • Migration and Integration
  • Poverty and Social Inequality
  • Income Development


List of available data files (German)

Advisory Service: Which data sets fit my topic?


In addition to these quantitative files, the Date Centre strives to provide access to qualitative data from in-house projects. Those files include expert and group interviews, biographical interviews, protocols of observation, document analysis and other qualitative interview records and transcripts. This service is in construction. Please send requests to email.  

At the moment, the following projects are willing to provide data:

  • Occupational Careers of University Graduates with Immigration Backgorund
  • TRANSLAB - Cross-Border Labour Mobility, Transnational Labour Markets and Social Differentiation in the Central European Region

As part of the project, statistical analyses of the available datasets are periodically untertaken and presented as infographics.

List of all data analyses and infographics

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