The Data Centre is a project of the Department of Sociology which helps employees and students to gain access to secondary data. Primarily, the goal is to support young academics and research projects of employees at the Faculty of Social Sciences.

The data is provided on the basis of user licences with e.g. Statistik Austria or Eurostat, but the Data Centre also provides links to international facilities which offer direct downloads. Some of the datasets have been collected within projects at the Department of Sociology at the University of Vienna. Austrian data is also partly made available via AUSSDA.

Quantitative Data Sets

We offer national and international data sets for quantitative social research. These data sets cover a wide range of topics at the household and individual level (see data sets).

If you are not certain which data you would like to use for your analyses, please feel free to contact the Data Centre Team.


Currently available quantitative data

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Data access

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As part of the project, statistical analyses of the available datasets are periodically untertaken and presented as infographics.


List of data analyses and infographics


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