Staff Members and their main Research Areas

You can find a selection of the Department’s academic staff (professors, predoctoral and postdoctoral staff of the Department as well as third-party funded staff) and their main research areas below. There is a link on the last name that will redirect you to contact information and further content. For a full list of all members of the Department, please see our staff register.

NameMain research areas
Ahn, Byeongsun

policymaking; program evaluation; urbanism

Atzmüller, Christianeexperimental vignette studies (factorial survey), quantitative methods, civil courage, youth violence
Ansari, Sinasocial inequality, migration, housing (trajectories)
Berghammer, Carolinedemography, family, religion
Boczy, Tatjanaurban and regional research, political sociology, sociological theory, social change and transformations
Bordone, Valeriaageing, intergenerational relationships, grandparent(hood), wellbeing, health
Breckner, Roswithavisual sociology / image analysis, biographical research, migration
Cabaraban, Maria Karlene Shawn

aging, intergenerational relationships, gender and marital transitions, population health and well-being

Cefalo, Ruggerocomparative social policy, school-to-work transitions, youth
Coufal, Lenahabitation, IBA Research Lab
Dafert, Verafamilies, youth, family transitions, qualitative social research
De Frantz, Monikapolitical sociology, urban sociology, sociology of space, sociology of culture, social movements, public sphere, social sustainability, globalisation
Décieux, Fabiennecare and gender studies, childhood, critical analysis of society, sociology of work
Dirnberger, Petrafamily sociology, demografic processes, social inequality, methods of social research
Dowling, Emmasocial change, political economy, gender and social reproduction, emotional and affective labor, social movements, globalisation
Draxl, Anna-Katharinamigration and language, education
Duncan, Michaelsociology of youth, social inequality, interpretative social research
Durnová, Annapolitical sociology, sociology of emotions, sociology of culture, public politics, sociological theories of liberal democracy, feminist theories, women's health and sociology of the body and interpretive social research
Erben-Harter, Sabinefamily, childhood, single parents, qualitative social research
Feichter, Simoneinterpretative social research, visual sociology, sociology of music, biographic research
Flecker, Jörgsociology of work and employment, work organisation and relationships, labour market, transnationalisation, international comparative research
Flicker, Evavisual sociology/ film-/ media sociology, gender, organisation/ group dynamics
Hilmar, Tillsociology of culture, political sociology, comparative transformation studies, inequality narratives, social memory, text-as-data
Göltl, Gwenunpaid labor, family, life satisfaction, quantitative social research
Holzinger, Claramigration, education, sociolinguistics

Jablonczay, Nikoletta

political sociology, social policy, text mining
Kazepov, Yuriinternational urban sociology, comparative social policy
Kiermaier, Johannafamily, parenthood, gender, qualitative social research
Kolland, Franzageing, education, life styles, sociology of developing countries
Krucsay, Britasociology of culture, power structure and orders of knowledge, inconsistencies and ambivalences, transgressive research
Lebedinsky, Larahuman capital, labour economics and family economics
Malschinger, Paullabour market, education, transition research, gender inequalities
Marent, Johannesmedia sociology, biographical research, knowledge and science communication
Mauerer, Germindefamily, masculinity, qualitative social research, gender and social inequality, health
Mayer, Elisabethbibliografical research, visual sociology, image analysis, qualitative research
Mijic, Anasociology of knowledge and culture, sociology of identity and ethnicity, sociological theory, objective hermeneutics
Mittlmeier, Annalenasocial robotics, sociology of knowledge, sociology of culture, system theory, interpretative social research
Mocca, Elisabettaurban politics, transnational municipal cooperation, post-growth politics
Mühlböck, Monika

labour market policy, youth unemployment, social inequality, representation, public policy, European integration, quantitative methods

Neuhauser, Johannalabour migration, gender and intersectionality, global inequality/north-south-conditions, Latin America
Parisot, Viktoriafamilies, family transitions, separation and divorce, gender, qualitative social research


Parzer, Michaelculture, social inequality, migration, interpretative social research
Pernhaupt, Niklas Luccacognitive sociology of culture, imagination, comparative social research
Pfadenhauer, Michaelasociology of knowledge, social constructivism, mediatisation, social robotics
Quinz, Hannahsociology of labor, social inequality, inequality of wealth distribution, efficiency and recognition, social research
Reininger, Janahabitation, migration, flight and asylum, gender
Reinprecht, Christophmigration, urban life contexts, political sociology, social inequality
Riederer, Bernhardfamily (and personal relationships), quality of life, social inequality
Scheibelhofer, Elisabethinterpretative social research, migration, mobility, transnational social spaces
Schenner, Johannasociology of labor, agriculture, supply chain dynamics
Schmidt, Eva-Mariafamily and gender, parenthood, paid and unpaid labor, childhood and youth
Schörpf, Philipsociology of work, virtual work, platform work, outsourcing, creative industries
Siegert, Christinapoverty, employment, income inequality, feminist perspectives, quantitative methods
Steiber, Nadiasocial stratification and social inequality, education and social mobility, employment, family, ageing, well-being/health, quantitative methods
Trimarchi, Alessandrademography, family, intergenerational transmission of socioeconomic status, social stratification and inequalities
Urbaniak, Anna Pawlinaageing, life-course transitions, social exclusion, qualitative social research
Vogl, Susannemethods of social research, family sociology, sociology of deviant behaviour, childhood sociology
Vogtenhuber, Stefansocial stratification, education, skill formation and training, labour market, employment, quantitative methods, data visualization
Vollmer, Theresasociology of knowledge, sociology of culture, interpretative social research, sociology of music
Vorlíček, Dagmarinternational political sociology, security, war, international relations, science and technology
Zartler, Ulrikefamily, childhood, divorce, qualitative social research
Zuccato-Doutlik, Marlies

family, parenting, gender, divorce, qualitative methods in social research