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Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology

Divorce and children:
consequences - perspectives - progress

16-20 September 2019

Divorce rates are at high levels across the Western world. A divorce or separation entails the need to reorganize the family in many ways and implies substantial challenges at various levels, including – among many others – issues of custody and parent-child contact, residence, wellbeing, economic matters, family relationships or arrangements of everyday lives. Furthermore, researching this topic demands innovative methodical approaches and careful reflection about the underlying methodological considerations.

The Marie Jahoda Summer School 2019 will focus on separation/divorce, its consequences and its challenges from different perspectives. We encourage submissions on the determinants of separation/divorce, the consequences of separation/divorce, legal issues as well as methodological contributions. Some examples are: living with single mothers, new partners and stepfamilies, challenges for everyday lives, adult ‘children’ of divorce (grey divorce revolution), multi-local families, (new) forms of child custody, parents’ rights, child wellbeing and children’s best interests. Submissions that use qualitative or quantitative methods as well as various theoretical approaches are encouraged. Research that focuses on children's perspectives on separation/divorce is especially welcome.

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