Marie Jahoda Summer School 2022

Marie Jahoda Summer School of Sociology

In 2022, the Marie Jahoda Summer School is organized in cooperation with the IBA ResearchLab New Social Housing.
The ResearchLab New Social Housing was set up in 2018 by University of Vienna (Department of Sociology) and TU Wien (Faculty of Architecture and Planning) with support by IBA Wien to encourage interdisciplinary, critical and comparative research in the field of social housing and urban development. A core activity of the ResearchLab is the organization of an annual international summer school. So far, the following topics had been covered: Transformation of post war mass housing (2018), The social dimension of social housing (2019), Climate Change and Social Housing (2020), Post-Pandemic Social Housing (2021).

In 2022, the summer school will turn to a transdisciplinary perspective on housing production in relation to the economic foundations of building and dwelling. Against the background of an increasing financialization of housing and many facets of everyday life, it will provide a space to discuss in which way the social housing sector is affected. What are the economic foundations of social housing? How are these changing in relation to new forms of regulation and funding? Are housing cooperatives and public housing “safe havens” sheltered from market forces? How is the relation between social housing and other segments on the housing market evolving? The summer school aims for an inter- and transdisciplinary discussion on the economic foundations of social housing.



 Themes that will be discussed are:

  • economic and organizational models of social housing provision and the changing interplay of financial, political, societal actors (cooperative models, partnerships, CSOs, self-build/incremental housing etc.);
  • economics of housing production (funding, subsidies, scaling, microfinance, long-term affordability, prefabrication, modularity);
  • housing production in a circular and/or informal economy;
  • the historical evolvement of specific housing production modes with its policies and laws (e.g., non-profit law, residential property law, funding schemes…) and its material/social impact;
  • Social housing production and the context of urban renewal (renovation/rehabilitation);
  • land market and social housing

In a week of exchange and collaboration, we look for responses to these issues and invite contributions from all academic disciplines. The Summer School is open for early-stage academics (predoc, postdoc) from all disciplinary contexts as well as for housing activists and representatives of housing and urban policy initiatives who want to contribute to the above-mentioned topics.

More information can be found here:
Organizing committee:
Christoph Reinprecht, Lena Coufal (Department of Sociology, University of Vienna)
Simon Güntner, Judith M. Lehner and Michael Obrist (Faculty of Architecture and Planning, TU Wien)