KKEOP - Career Development & Orientation Plan

The Career and Competence Development and Orientation Plan (short: KKEOP) aims to support young academics, to use their time at the university optimally for their professional and academic growth. Secondly it helps supervisors at the department of sociology to focus their support of young academics, and ensure the quality of research and teaching in the long-term. The plan provides orientation and information to young academics in a variety of employment situations to develop competences and reach milestones, and summarises existing offers at the university of vienna and its service faculties.

KKEOP is conceptualised as a suggestion, that has to be adapted in regards to the specific employment situation, career stage, contract lenght and career goals, thus has to be handled flexible. Four phases within the employment are distinguished: orientation phase, entry phase, research phase and ending phase. KKEOP is futher based on three pillars, that formalize and complement existing offers of the university and department of sociology. The focus hereby lies on teaching and research qualifications, but also inlcudes competences concerning professional qualification in fields outside of the university to increase career opportunities. KKEOP also provides help to self-evaluate areas such as project management, teaching competence, oral and written communication, and systematic work.

KKEOP Overview

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