The authors present and discuss their latest academic findings from the extensive research carried out at the Department of Sociology in articles in national and international journals, books, contributions in edited volumes, working papers, etc.

Book contributions

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Flecker, J. (2024). Workers’ power in supply chains and global production networks – resources, contexts and agency. In J. Arnholtz, & B. Refslund (Eds.), Workers, Power and Society Routledge, Taylor & Francis.

Parzer, M., & Mijic, A. (2024). Continuity or Change? How Migrants’ Musical Activities (Do not) Affect Ethnic Boundaries. In W. Sievers (Ed.), Cultural Change in Post-Migrant Societies: Re-Imagining Communities Through Arts and Cultural Activities Springer. IMISCOE Research Series

Reinprecht, C., Brenner, E., Felber, S., Misik, R., & Brucher, R. (2024). Jelineks Wien: Orte der Politik: Gespräch mit Eva Brenner, Rosemarie Brucher, Silke Felber, Robert Misik, moderiert von Christoph Reinprecht. In JELINEK[JAHR]BUCH: Elfriede Jelinek-Forschungszentrum 2022-2024 Praesens Verlag.

Roth, M., Schmidt, E-M., Lafton, T., Kapella, O., & Barbuta, A. (2024). A Developmental View on Digital Vulnerability and Agency of Children Under 10 Years of Age. In H. B. Holmasdottir, I. Seland, C. Hyggen, & M. Roth (Eds.), Understanding The Everyday Digital Lives of Children and Young People Palgrave Macmillan.


Atzmüller, R., Décieux, F., & Ferschli, B. (2023). Einleitung: Ambivalenzen und Widersprüche der Sozialpolitik in gesellschaftlichen Transformationsprozessen. In Ambivalenzen in der Transformation von Sozialpolitik und Wohlfahrstaat: Soziale Arbeit, Care, Rechtspopulismus und Migration Beltz Juventa. Arbeitsgesellschaft im Wandel

Baumann, A., Bausch, N., Benson, J. R., Bloos, S., Jablonczay, N., Kirchmair, T., & Sitter, E. (2023). Grumpiness ambivalently relates to negative and positive emotions in ironic Austrian German text data. In S. Carvalho, A. F. Khan, A. Ostroški Anić, B. Spahiu, J. Gracia, J. P. McCrae, D. Gromann, B. Heinisch, & A. Salgado (Eds.), Proceedings of the 4th Conference on Language, Data and Knowledge (pp. 288-293). NOVA/FCSH-CLUNL-Núcleo de Jovens Investigadores do CLUNL.

Binner, K., & Décieux, F. (2023). (Sorge-)Arbeit, Geschlecht und soziale Ungleichheit. In Aktuelle Ungleichheitsforschung. Befunde - Theorien - Praxis Beltz Juventa.

Bordone, V., Hank, K., Arpino, B., & Tomassini, C. (2023). Childcare by grandparents in the context of welfare state policies. In M. Daly, B. Pfau-Effinger, N. Gilbert, & D. J. Besharov (Eds.), The Oxford Handbook of Family Policy Over The Life Course (pp. 979–997). OXFORD UNIV PRESS INC.

Showing entries 1 - 10 out of 1358