Mag. Dr. Vera Glassner
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Flecker, J., Pernicka, S., Fibich, T., Brugger, F., Glassner, V., Haidinger, B., Haindorfer, R., Holtgrewe, U., Hürtgen, S., Kraemer, K., Krings, T., Muckenhuber, J., Nessel, S., Sardadvar, K., Schörpf, P., Simsa, R., Verwiebe, R., & Woydack, J. (2017). The Contested Constitution of Work – Spatial Scales, Societal Spheres and Modes of Work. Current Research and Neglected Terrains. IfS Working Paper 06/2017.

1 - 3 out of 3
Summer term 2023
Summer term 2022

Department of Sociology

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