IfSWP - Working Papers at the Department of Sociology

The working paper series at the Department of Sociology provides a plattform for publication to interested scholars and students with a connection to the deparment. Results of scientific work as well as well-founded statements regarding current sociopolitical developments are welcomed.

The series aims to increase the visibility of projects by members of the department, and stimulate ciritical discusions of scientific findings and sociological analysis of societies. At the same time, the series strives to offer space to topics and formats that are not found in conventional scientific journals.

We look forward to submissions in one of the following three sections:

  1. Unpublished manuscripts:
    Unpublished scientific papers, published or unpoblished written talks, conference submissions et cetera. The manuscripts can be empirical, theoretical, or concerned with basic or applied research.  In addition, interim results of research projects (first data analyses, examination of theory, etc.) can be submitted.
  2. High-grade student theses:
    Summaries of theses or excellent chaperts

Papers submitted to the working paper series are anonymised and reviewed, to provide the author with constructive feedback and suggestions for improvement in advance to publication.

The working paper series was initiated by young scientists at the Department of Sociology, as part f the Rising Scholars initiative. All acepted and revised working papers are published online on the departments's homepage, and can be downloaded.

→ See published working papers

The editorial team looks forward to submissions from interested scientists and students.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at workingpapers.soziologie@univie.ac.at.

The Editorial Team
Monika Mühlböck, Philipp Knopp, Christina Siegert, Annalena Mittlmeier

 Guidelines for submission

Please submit your paper via e-mail in MS Word or RTF-format directly to the Editorial team. It should consist of:

Cover page: name, titel and subtitle, affiliation resp. connection to the Department of Sociology, mail address of the author(s), short author’s biography

Abstract in German and English, of no more than 200 words each

Main text:  clearly organised and structured with headings and subheadings, citiation style APA 6th

Text formatting:

  • justified text, 1,5 spacing
  • Calibri, font size 11, titel 14pt bold, headings 11pt bold, subtitle 11pt italic
  • Page numbers bottom right
  • Length of the manuscript: no longer than 45.000 characters (incl. Spaces and references).
  • Foot notes only for content-related issues, not for bibliographical information
  • Tables and figures should appear where the text refers to them.
  • List of references at the end of the manuscript, incl. all cited references, alphabetical order, chronological order within the same author(ship). Names of publishers may be abbreviated, as long as they are distincly recognizable. Other abbreviations are not allowed.

Appendix: In case standardizes data is used, the paper should provide an appendix in table form, providing technical and additional details. Example for what this appendix should include: Item wording, issues of coding/recoding, descriptive statistics, sources for the data used. Qualitative papers should provide information on the number of cases, period of data collection and methods used to collect and analyse the data within the text.

Language: Papers are accepted in German or in English language.

All submissions are reviewed by one member of the editorial team and another reviewer who is a member of the Department of Sociology. One revised and accepted the papers re published on the homepage.

 Citation style APA 6th

[Some information is currently only available in German]

More information the the APA citation style can be found on this Hompage.