IfSWP - Working Papers at the Department of Sociology

All interested scholars and students at the Department of Sociology are invited to submit manuscripts. We look forward to submissions in one of the following two categories:

  1. Unpublished manuscripts:
    Empirical or theoretical contributions, e.g. unpublished articles, written unpublished talks, dissertation chapters, conference papers or preliminary results from research projects (theoretical discussions, first data analyses, etc.)
  2. High-grade student theses:
    Summaries of theses or excellent chapters

Submissions undergo a double-blind peer-review process, which offers authors constructive feedback for improvements to their manuscripts prior to publication.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at workingpapers.soziologie@univie.ac.at.

The editorial team
Annalena Mittlmeier, Monika Mühlböck, Christina Siegert

 Author Guidelines

Please submit your manuscript as a Word file (.docx, .doc) in German or English language by E-mail.
The working paper should meet the following criteria:

Cover Page: Title of the working paper, institutional affiliation, author information
(name, email address, short biography of all authors)

Abstract: in German and English, max. 200 words each

Main text: organised and structured with headings and subheadings

Bibliography: in alphabetical and chronological order

Appendix (optional): additional information on data collection, tables, figures, etc.

Text formatting:

  • Justified text, line spacing 1.5
  • Font Calibri (body text 11pt, title 14pt, chapter headings 11pt bold, subtitles 11pt italic)
  • Page numbers bottom right
  • Length of the manuscript: max. 45,000 characters with spaces (incl. bibliography)
  • Footnotes for comments on content, not for bibliographic information
  • Placement of tables and figures in the main text
  • Consistent citation in Harvard style (e.g. APA 7)