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Rising Scholars:

Promoting young scientists at the Department of Sociology

Supporting junior researchers is a central goal for the sustainable development of the University of Vienna and the Department of Sociology as a research and teaching institution. Constituting a total of 70 per cent of all academic staff employed at the Department of Sociology, the university assistants (post- and pre-doc) and the project staff  currently form the largest group.

Because of existing university structures (fixed-term contracts, limited project work) our academics have, on the one hand, a limited amount of time at the University of Vienna to complete their qualification works and research efforts (such as publications, dissertations, habilitations) that are necessary for university carriers, and, on the other, to further develop their academic and non-academic competences and qualifications. Hence, it is essential to make full use of the limited time in order to derive full benefits of the development and qualification potential.

In this context, the ’Rising Scholars’ initiative at the Department of Sociology has been designing and implementing a development and qualification strategy for junior researchers since 2014. Until now it has been built on four pillars, bundling already existing services of the University of Vienna as well as developing new dimensions of support:

Our goals are:

  • Creation of sustainable structures for the development and qualification of junior researches at the Department of Sociology

  • Bundling, institutionalisation and strengthening of the visibility of existing and new services by and for junior researchers

  • Quality assurance of research and teaching as well as support for innovation

  • Raising the visibility of junior researchers of the Department of Sociology

  • Supporting internal development and cooperation at the Department of Sociology

25.11.2016, 9:30-16:00, Seminar room 3, Department of Sociology

  • 2nd Rising Scholars workshop

January 2017, Department of Sociology - details will follow

  • 3rd network meeting within ’LEOP’ programme

22.11.2016, 16:30-19:30 Uhr, Seminar room 2, Department of Sociology

Deadline for submission 15.01.2017

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