International Symposium "Social Constructivism as Paradigm?", 28 -30 April 2016

Thursday 28 April 2016

Bernt Schnettler: Habent sua fata libelli or The Success of Inattentive Reading. Impacts of "The Social Construction of Reality" as Masterpiece in Transatlantic Academic Cooperation

Silke Steets: Playing Chamber Music at a Rock Festival? - "The Social Construction of Reality" in U.S. Sociology

Peter L. Berger: Toward a New Paradigm for Modernity and Religion (Patocka Memorial Lecture at Wien Museum)

Friday 29 April 2016

Thomas Eberle: Variations of Constructivism - a Fresh Look

Harry Collins: Social Constructivism in the Sociology of Scientific Knowledge

Trevor Pinch: Social Construction of Technology: Where it Came from and Where it Might be Going

Ulrike Felt: Analyzing the Social and the Techno-scientific in the same Move: Austria`s Anti-Nuclear Movement as a Case Study

Matthias Grundmann: Social Construction of Reality and Socialisation Research. Decoding the Primary Process of Internalization and Externalization in Time and Space

Kersten Reich: From Pragmatism to Interactive Constructivism

John W. Meyer: The Construction of the Knowledge Society

Saturday 30 April 2016

Reiner Keller: The Discursive Construction of Reality

Andreas Hepp: The Mediated Construction of Reality

Michaela Pfadenhauer / Ronald Hitzler: Cultural Aspects of Social Constructions. On the Meaning of "Doings" and the Meaning of "Dones"

Jo Reichertz: From Understanding to Impact: Communicative Power

Hubert Knoblauch: Social Constructivism as Paradigm