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TRANSWEL: Mobile Welfare in a Transnational Europe. An Analysis of Portability Regimes of Social Security Rights

www.transwel.org - International Research Consortium (Germany, GB, Sweden, Austria), duration 2015-2018, funded by Norface

Research Team Austria: Elisabeth Scheibelhofer, Nora Regös, Clara Holzinger, Noèmi Bakonyi

This 4-country, comparative, and interdisciplinary project addresses one of the most important and controversial issues in the European Union today: the social rights of EU citizens from the new EU member states who move to live and/or work in old member state. Empirically, the project traces the migration of regularly and irregularly employed migrants and their family members, and their social security rights between four pairs of countries: Hungary-Austria, Bulgaria-Germany, Poland-United Kingdom and Estonia-Sweden. It assesses what the social and welfare rights of mobile citizens are in policy and in practice; how mobile EU citizens experience, organise and manage their welfare transnationally; and what the consequences are, for the patterning of inequality among EU citizens. Conceptually, the project brings together work on transnational migration, and on the portability of social security rights across national borders (with portability being defined as the ability to transfer and convert the social security rights), in order to develop a typology of transnational portability regimes, drawing on the comparative analysis in each paired case.There are four teams of researchers, based in, respectively, the Universities of Frankfurt am Main (Anna Amelina, overall project lead); Vienna (lead: Elisabeth Scheibelhofer, team based in Vienna: Nora REGÖS, Noémi BAKONYI, and Clara HOLZINGER); Södertörn (lead: Ann Runfors); and Bath (lead: Emma Carmel).

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