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Pavel Pospech, PhD

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My research focuses on urban public space, mostly as a site of (in)civility and (dis)order. I am interested in public space as a historically contingent idea, a project which has been changing from the Athenian Agora, through the "world of strangers" of the high modernity, towards today's concerns about privatisation and commercialisation of the public sphere. This history is marked by the interplay between the binaries of public-private and sacred-profane and the meanings ascribed to these binaries. Today, some of the most significant developments include:

  • the increased regulation of public space (by bans on begging, drinking alcohol etc.)
  • the (self)exclusion of vulnerable groups
  • a general shift from informal to formal social control

At present, I am also interested in the notion of privatism which, in particular, pertains to public spaces and public spheres of the post-socialist countries of the Central and Eastern Europe.

I have also done a lot of work in rural sociology, with a focus on discourses and representations of rurality, studied from a cultural viewpoint. Cultural sociology, together with interactionist sociology is amongst my favourite theoretical perspectives. Overall, I believe in theory and I think the theoretical implications are what makes sociology relevant and viable. If a research does not have a strong theoretical overlap, it's usually no good.

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