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Public Panel Discussion:

The Art of Ageing and the Cultural Turn in Gerontology

November 2nd, 2018 | 20:00 – 21:30
Discussants: Josef Ehmer, Vera Gallistl, Franz Kolland, Roberta Maierhofer

What does it mean to grow old(er) today? With increasing longevity, old age itself is transforming: A life stage once characterized by disengagement is now active, healthy, and heterogeneous. Consequently, contemporary approaches in age studies put emphasis on the cultural dimensions of ageing – the diverse subjective experiences, identities and practices of later life.

In this public plenary, we want to discuss which new perspectives, potentials and possible challenges the ‘cultural turn’ entails for the study of later life. How did the cultural turn in gerontology emerge? Which areas of later life come in and out of focus from a cultural perspective? What are the pitfalls of a cultural approach towards ageing, and how can it help us to grasp old and new inequalities?

We will be discussing these and more questions with Josef Ehmer (Social and Economic History) Franz Kolland (Sociology), Vera Gallistl (Sociology) and Roberta Maierhofer (American Studies).

The event is is open to the public and free. Drinks and snacks will be provided. It is part of the 2018 Marie Jahoda Winter School of Sociology on ‘Doing Age – The Practices of Age and Ageing’.

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