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Marie Jahoda Summer School 2016


The Challenge of Governing Urban Diversity

3rd – 9th of July 2016, Vienna


The 7-day schedule, with the exception of day 1 and day 7, is divided into two parts: the morning session will consist of an introduction and discussion of various conceptual, theoretical, empirical and methodological aspects of diversity in a lecture and seminar format. The afternoon session will consist of research presentations and a focus on methodological challenges, considerations and experiences. The afternoon session will provide participants of the Summer School with a transparent environment to explore and discuss project challenges with "senior" PhDs and Post-Docs.

This peer-review teaching concept provides opportunities to early Phd’s to scrutinise the full life cycle of a (European) research project, beginning with the research application, design, concept operationalisation, to data collection, analyses, reporting and dissemination. The overall goal of the afternoon working groups will be to exchange and discuss various problems experienced during the project phase. Hence, this school provides an excellent opportunity to learn successful problem-solving strategies. This Summer School will formulate recommendations for early Phd’s and improve their skills and insights in order to help shape and sharpen future projects. The final day foresees a feedback session in the morning and a lecture and roundtable in the afternoon on “Challenging concepts for studying urban diversity” with DIVERCITIES scholars and renowned international Vienna-based urban researchers.

Credit information

Participation in the summer school corresponds to a workload of 5 ECTS.

You will receive a Certificate of Attendance upon completion of your course which you may use to show evidence of the skills you have learnt during the course and have the credits accepted by your home university.

In one of the afternoon sessions you will be required to present your PhD project and methodology.


The overall aim of the summer school is to facilitate an intensive and collaborative exchange across disciplines for early stage PhD students in addressing the growing complexity facing contemporary inequality research across the globe in cities, regions and states.

Accordingly, a mix of internationally esteemed scholars, researchers and practitioners will be brought together to provide a diverse but thematically focused range of research perspectives across methodological and disciplinary boundaries. This approach will be set within an innovative learning environment for selected participants from across the social sciences who will benefit from a fine-tuned mix of foundational lectures and method workshops.

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