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International Conference: Researching Migration in Europe – empirical research, theoretical and methodological challenges


Location of the conference, 20th - 22nd Sept. 2010:
Department of Sociology, 1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz 2, 1st floor,
seminar  room 3


Establishing an ESA-Research Network on Migration (in constitution)

19-22 September 2010, Vienna, Austria

Hosted by the Department of Sociology, Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna


Elisabeth Scheibelhofer, Department of Sociology, University of Vienna, Austria
In cooperation with:
Magdalena Nowicka, Ludwig-Maximilian University Munich, Germany


This conference will be an opportunity to show new directions in research on migration to and within Europe. One of the challenges in this research field is to adequately capture the diversity of movements and movers in Europe in terms of their differential immigration statuses and restrictions of rights, divergent labor market experiences, discrete gender and age profiles, patterns of spatial distribution and the interplay of these factors as well as their impact on societies in Europe. This conference wants to address also related questions, such as: What is novel about the recent migration in Europe? Is this basically a cross-European phenomenon or is it global in character? What are the structural conditions that shape migration in different European societies? What are the contingencies of migrants’ incorporation in Europe? Does migration research need new ways of conceptualizing effects of migratory movements in Europe? What are the methodological challenges of researching cross-border movements and lives of people in Europe (in comparison with other parts of the world)? Are there blind spots of migration research?

It is also the aim of this conference to establish a Research Network on Migration within ESA. All interested migration researchers are invited to participate in founding such a Research Network (ESA-membership is preferable in this case). During the conference the program, aims and modes of operation of such a Network will be agreed upon.

If you wish to participate or need further information please contact edma.ajanovic@univie.ac.at

This homepage will be updated gradually. You will soon find many of the written papers presented at the Conference on this website.

Organised by
Elisabeth Scheibelhofer
Department of Sociology
Faculty of Social Sciences, University of Vienna
Rooseveltplatz 2, A – 1090 Vienna
Tel: +43-1-4277-48218

In cooperation with
Dr. Magdalena Nowicka
Institute of Sociology, LMU
Konradstrasse 6, 80801 München
Tel: +49-89-2180-5946

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    (Visit the website of the Platform for Migration and Integration Research to see some pictures of our Monday evening (20-09-2010) keynote speeches at the Austrian Academy of Science)

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