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Studies in Sociology at the University of Vienna

Since 2007/2008, sociology as a field of study has been offered as a six-term Bachelor’s and as a four-term Master’s program.

The team at the Study Program Directorate is responsible for statutory issues, recognition of certificates, etc.  Please take account of the competencies and office hours.

Student advisory services are offered by the Study Program Directorate, the Students Council (BAGRU) and also during the lecturers’ office hours. Specific information sessions are held at the beginning of each term.

The winter term sees an average of 500 Bachelor’s and 70 Master’s students, the respective figures for the summer term are 200 and 40. The number of active students in both courses averages 1,500 to 1,600 individuals. An additional 330 and 1,350 students are enrolled in two sociological add-on curricula focusing on Empirical Sociology and Sociological Society Analyses, resp.

The following figures apply to freshpeople enrolled over the past terms in the Bachelor’s and Master’s programs:

Summer term 2018
Bachelor's:  246        Master's: 43

Winter term 2017:
Bachelor's: 671        Master's: 106

Summer term, 2017
Bachelor's:  216          Master's: 82

Winter term, 2016/2017
Bachelor's:  704         Master's: 88

Summer term, 2016
Bachelor: 279       Master: 54

Winter term 2015/2016
Bachelor:  809       Master: 68





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