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Rising Scholars

Promoting young scientists at the Department of Sociology

Because of existing university structures (fixed-term contracts, limited project work) our junior researchers have a limited amount of time at the University of Vienna to further develop their academic and professional competencesand skills, while at the same time completing their qualification works and research efforts necessary for university careers.

In this context, the ’Rising Scholars’ initiative at the Department of Sociologyis implementing a development and qualification strategy for junior researchers since 2014, based on four pillars:

Our goals are:

  • Creation of sustainable structures for the development and qualification of junior researches at the Department of Sociology

  • Quality assurance of research and teaching through suppert and structure in the beginning stages

  • Raising the visibility of scientific work at the Department and stimulation of in-depth discussions

  • Supporting young academics in their development of relevant scientific and professional competencies and goals

  • Promoting networks and and cooperation at the Department of Sociology
  • 5th Rising Scholars Workshop - 'Arbeitsorte, Arbeitszeiten, Arbeitsweisen. Wo wann und wie wir arbeiten'

    10th December 2018, 11:00-12:30, Conference room 4th floor

  • 5th network meeting within ’LEOP’ programme

21.11.2017, 17:30-19:30, Seminar room 3

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