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Dr. Mag. Eva Flicker, Associate Professor

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Current Research Foci

Austrian Film Gender Report

The Austrian Film Gender Report 2012-2016 is a research project conducted by the Department of Sociology (Eva Flicker, Lena Lisa Vogelmann) on behalf of the Austrian Film Institute and the Federal Chancellery of Austria. It contains an extensive analysis of data on gender ratios within the Austrian film industry.

The main results were presented on 7 May 2018. The full version of the report will be completed in November 2018.

Project Lead: Eva Flicker
Key Researcher: Lena Lisa Vogelmann

You can find the main results (in German) here.

Elites and Gender in Viscourse

visual orchestrations of elites and gender in politics and economics in popular cultura and the media discourse, visual gender knowledge, emotions and TV shows, visual communication

Gender, Leadership and Teams

applied organisation sociology, visual organisational culture, group dynamics seminars

Sociological Film Reading

sociological analysis of audiovisual/filmic formats in bigger samples

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