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Mag. Dr. Maria Pohn-Lauggas

Address: A-1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz 2
Room: R 404
Phone: +43 (1) 4277-49231
eFax: +43 (1) 4277-849231
email: maria.pohn-lauggas@univie.ac.at
Consultation hour:By arrangement

Research focus:

  • Interpretative social research
  • Discourse research
  • Biographic and multigenerational research
    • Consequences of National Socialism on Austrian contemporary society
    • Multigenerational transmission and memory construction
  • Visual sociology: image analysis and memory practice through private photographs


Research projects:

Resistance against National Socialism and its intergenerational transmission in Austrian families

Resistance against National Socialism existed: for different reasons and to varying degrees, individuals demonstrated actions oppositional to Nazism. As part of a multigenerational biographical research, the project poses the question for the first time about the impact of those actions on the lives of children: In what way are such experiences passed on to the coming generations, thus influencing their biographical course? In this context, another question is also asked of if and how such acts of resistance have been remembered by the family. In addition to oral tradition, emphasis is also placed on the influence of non-verbal memory such as photographs.

Funding:  Herta-Firnberg Programme, FWF (Austrian Fund for the Promotion of Scientific Research)
Mentor: Dr Roswitha Breckner, Associate Professor
Duration: May 2013-December 2016

Mémoires de passeurs, passeurs de mémoires. Lieux, temps et formes de la transmission et de l’oubli

Management: Céline Barrère, Claire Lévy-Vroelant, Christoph Reinprecht
Co-workers: Maria-Pohn-Lauggas, Gabi Anderle

The project brings together researchers from France, Denmark, USA, Czech Republic and Austria all approaching the aspects of collective memory (such as Shoah, colonialism and migration) from different disciplinary perspectives and with an interest in the process of transfer (French passeur), including their own role as researchers. The project is organised by way of four seminars in which following topics will be addressed: collective memory between dominance and emancipation; instrumentalisation and metamorphosis; urban space as place of memory; and methodological requirements and issues.

Funding: Maison des Sciences de l'Homme Paris Nord (MSHPN)
Duration: 2014-2015

‘Heroisierte Opfer?‘ Bearbeitungs- und Handlungsstrukturen von ‘Trümmerfrauen‘ in Wien unter besonderer Berücksichtigung des vergeschlechtlichten Opferdiskurses.

(PhD thesis)
Duration: 2006-2011

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