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Dr. des. Mag. Joanna Kusiak

Address:A-1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz 2
Room:R 221
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Research Interest

My work investigates the transformation of urban property regimes and associated social relations in Central European cities over the last three decades. Combining the insights of critical geography, political economy and law & society studies with ideology critique, it not only dissects specific mechanisms for extracting value from urban land, but also interrogates the discursive frameworks that are used to legitimate these mechanisms. In particular, this research examines the role that law, legal technicalities and judicial systems play in shaping urban space in the region. It thereby demonstrates how neoliberal ideology can make substantive socio-economic changes to the urban fabric on the basis of seemingly neutral judicial and administrative technicalities. What this research thus sheds light on are the internal contradictions at play between cities as sites of capital accumulation and cities as sites of democracy and distributive justice. At the same time, it points to the potential strategic value of targeting legal and administrative technicalities for grassroots urban struggles. 


Department of Sociology
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