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Jörg Flecker
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Research interests:

  • International comparison of changes to employment systems
  • Working in transnational value chains
  • Dynamic networking of organisations and the quality of work
  • Public service transformation in European welfare states  

Current research projects:

"Provision of scheduled and on-request reporting services - Network of Eurofound Correspondents - Austria"

Project management: Jörg Flecke

Duration: 2018-2022

The University of Vienna and FORBA are the Austrian correspondents for the EU agency 'European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions' (Eurofound). As correspondents we report on current developments in working life, restructuring processes and changes in legislation. The team at the University of Vienna is reporting restructuring events and changes in public support instruments to the European Restructuring Monitor (ERM).

"Department project: Pathways to the Future - a longitudinal study of the social integration of young people in Vienna"

Project management: Jörg Flecker

Duration: 2016 onwards for a minimum of five years

The project focuses on various, yet interconnected areas of youth life, namely education and vocational training, employment and labour-market policies, familial and social ties, as well as identity formation processes and youth cultural dynamics. This longitudinal study combines a qualitative and a quantitative panel (Department project).

"Solidarity in times of crisis - Socio-economic change and political orientations in Austria and Hungary (SOCRIS)"

Project management: Jörg Flecker

Duration: 2016-2019

The proposed FWF research project SOCRIS aims at investigating the impact of the intensified socio-economic change following the recent economic crisis on political orientations. It will build on the findings of a former European study conducted between 2001 and 2004 (SIREN, 5th FP) which showed how the transformation of working life added to the appeal of the extreme right in Europe (SOCRIS)

"ICT-enabled boundaryless work"

Project management: Jörg Flecker

Duration: 2017-2020

In October 2017, an interdisciplinary research team, including Dominik Klaus and Benjamin Herr (Department of Sociology) and Julia Schoellbauer and Edo Meyer (Institute of Work Psychology), started to investigate the effects of ICT-enabled boundarylessness regarding paid and unpaid work. The project is funded by four DOC-team grants awarded by the Austrian Academy of Sciences (ÖAW).

Completed research projects:

Provision of on-request reporting services – Network of Correspondents – Austria

Carina Altreiter, Jörg Flecker

Duration: 2014-2018

Förderung: European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions (Eurofound)

Work and technological change in creative industry

Employment in local creative milieux and virtual work prospects

Project management: Jörg Flecker

Co-workers: Annika Schönauer, Phillip Schörpf

In cooperation with FORBA (Working Life Research Centre) Duration: September 2014 – February 2016

Funding: Jubilee Fund of the Austrian National Bank


Understanding Employment Participation of Older Workers (UEP)

Joint Programming Initiative: ‘More Years, Better Lives – The Potential and Challenges of Demographic Change’

Project management: Jörg Flecker

Co-workers: Ulrike Waginger, Brigitte Steinbauer, Ingrid Mairhuber, Elisabeth Prammer

In cooperation with FORBA (Working Life Research Centre)

Duration: April 2014 – February 2015

Funding: Federal Ministry of Science, Research and Economy (BMWFW), international consortium

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