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Ao. Univ.-Prof. Mag. Dr. Ulrike Froschauer

Adress:A-1090 Wien, Rooseveltplatz 2
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Research interests: 

  • Organisational sociology
  • Methods of interpretive social research
  • Social constructivism  

Research projects:

On the logic of organisational development: A qualitative longitudinal study

The focus of the project lies in empirical research of organisational processes in businesses under changing environmental conditions (liberalisation and privatisation). Questions of particular importance are: How do the structures of organisational realities change in different groups such as, for example, work colleagues, managers and management? Which strategies develop in businesses in order to address changes in the relevant framework conditions (opening of the market and serious changes of ownership structures)? What is the impact of this dynamic upon conditions of corporate management (for instance, demands on leadership competence, making decisions under uncertainty, rationality of control)? The project will address this topic by referring to an example from the energy sector that has distinguished itself in the last decade through special development dynamics. The study is carried out in the tradition of interpretative social research spanning over a period of eight years, thereby enabling sound progression analysis.

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