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Roberta Cucca, PhD

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Current Project

GranD Cities - Green and Diverse Cities. The social impact of urban policies for sustainability in comparative  perspective

The need for more sustainable cities has been considered a key point of global strategy for the future and one of the most important aims of the EU strategy for the urban environment. However, sustainability can also be described as one piece of rhetoric; far from being an effective paradigm, being too broad, vague and economically-centred, and with no specific social dimensions clearly set out. Although the attention to social inclusion, especially in the most deprived urban areas, is an important pillar of urban sustainability, a clear evaluation of the social impacts of sustainability programs in EU Cities is still missing. This investigation aims to fill this gap, by analysing, in comparative perspective, the social impacts of green urban renewal in Europe. By selecting as case studies Vienna and Copenhagen, two cities that have been particularly successful in implementing policies for environmental sustainability, the research project aims to identify intended and unintended impacts of these strategies in terms of social and spatial inequality among social groups. The project will adopt the following research strategies: quantitative data gathering; interviews with key informants in cities; ethnographic research in areas of the cities affected by green urban renewal and programs for sustainability; comparative analysis of data and information.

Marie Curie Fellow: Roberta Cucca
Supervisor: Yuri Kazepov

Förderzeitraum: 24 Monate (01.04.2016-31.03.2018)

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