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Research interestes

  • Social theory
  • Sociology of knowledge
  • Embodiment & affectivity
  • Professionalism & expert knowledge
  • Qualitative methods and methodology
  • Ethnography



Practices of Breathing. A Sociology of Holistic Experience (working title)

For the past twenty to thirty years, certain branches of sociology have shown an increased interest in questions of embodiment and corporeality, tacit forms of knowledge, and emotions and affects. This scholarly interest has coincided with an increasing focus on the body and experience in specific social worlds (Strauss), e.g. new religious movements and certain holistic or therapeutic ‘cultures.’ While the body is taken for granted and is only subsidiarily experienced when it serves as an instrument for performing routine activities in daily life, for the above-mentioned groups it in various ways becomes the medium of conscious (self-)experience and a “generator of emotional substantiation” (Bohn/Hahn 1999: 55).

However, to date most empirical sociological studies on bodily presentification have settled on producing auditive and visual data on its practices without specifically addressing their practical execution. My Ph.D. project aims to fill that research gap. In doing so, I will strategically focus on areas of action in which non-quotidian bodily experiences are not only relevant in various ways but in which the making of such experiences itself poses a practical problem. This is the case with Integrative Breathwork, a holistic, institutionalized form of self-actualization and self-experience practice, which I will address from an ethnographic and interaction analysis perspective. My empirical reconstruction of the practices used in breathwork will allow me to address the more general question of how the interaction with and reference to one’s own body can be understood from a (micro-)sociological perspective, or in other words, how (and through which practices) experiences of one’s body are socially organized and contextualized.

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