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Former members of staff with active homepages

Astleithner, Franzsociology of work and employment, economic sociology, social inequality, migration
Ates, Gülayinformation follows
Cucca, Robertacomparative urban sociology, participatory urban politics, urban political ecology
Dlabaja, Corneliainformation follows
Fibich, Theresawork, family, ageing
Fritsch, Nina-Sophielabour market and poverty, education, gender, social inequality
Hannibal, Glendasocial robotics and artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, continental and analytic philosophy of technology, STS and sociology of technology
Hofmann, JuliaSocial Inequalities, Sociology of Work and Industrial Relations, Political Sociology, Attitude Research
Holzinger, ClaraMigration, Education, Sociolinguistics
Hopf, Stefaninformation follows
Kirschner, Heikosociology of knowledge, mediatisation, ethnography
Kranebitter, Andreassociological research on concentration camps, genocide research, history of sociology, political sociology
Kusiak, Joannacritical urban studies, law and society studies, Eastern European Studies
Luimpöck, SabrinaMigration, Biography, Work, Networks, Power dynamics in professional relationships of social work, Intimate partner violence
Parzer, Michaelculture, social inequality, migration, interpretative social research
Pintsuk-Christof, JuliaAge/ageing and the life course, Generations, Health and health promotion
Pohn-Lauggas, Mariabiographical and multigenerational research, discourse analysis, interpretative social research
Pospech, Pavelpublic space, urban sociology, rural sociology, social theory
Pot, Mirjamurban research, politics & culture, eastern european studies
Schadler, CorneliaChosen Families, Pregnancy, Parenthood, New Materialism, Ethnography
Schmidt, Eva-Mariabiographical research, family, masculinity research, organisation research
Schnell, Philippinformation follows
Schönauer, AnnikaWorking in transnational value chains, virtual work, dynamic networks of organisations, quality of work, working time
Teitzer, RolandBig Data, Machine Learning, Databases, Forecasting
Unterwurzacher, Anneinformation follows
Vogelmann, Lenavisual sociology/ film-/ media sociology, gender
Waginger, Ulrikesocial gerontology, social policy
Wanka, Annasociology of work, age/ageing and the life course, education, social space
Wimmer, EvaQualitative Research
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