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Work / Organisation / Gender

Research in work explores gainful employment within its particular socio-historical conditions, changes in the forms of work and working relationships, as well as relationships of recognition and subjective references to work. Gender relations are taken into account particularly in terms of the gendered division of labour and women’s double societalisation. Labour market analyses theoretically and empirically address segmented job markets, flexibilisation, the incidence of atypical employment, risk groups, gender segregation, together with female and male lines of occupation and career. The Department’s particular focus is on international comparisons, analyses of restructuring processes, biographical methods and time series analyses. Gainful occupation generally takes place in organisations which thus are crucial to our society as based on the division of labour. From a sociological perspective, it suggests itself to deal with the phenomenon of organising from both a theoretical and an empirical perspective. Current work in this research area consists of empirical investigations into organisational processes within family businesses, while also applying to mapping a process-oriented organisation theory.

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