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Mag. Dr. Michael Parzer

Address: A-1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz 2
Room: 404
Phone: +43 (1) 4277-49242
eFax: +43 (1) 4277-849242
email: michael.parzer@univie.ac.at
Consultation hour:Fri., 11-12 (please register per email)

Research interests:

  • Culture
  • Social inequality
  • Migration and ethnicity (with emphasis on migrant economies)
  • Interpretative social research

Research projects:

Michael Parzer
Integration and Consumption. Native Customers in Migrant Grocery Stores
Co-workers: Irene Rieder, Franz Astleithner, Eva Wimmer
Funding: Jubilee Fund of the Austrian National Bank
Duration: 01/2012-12/2014

Michael Parzer
Break-out in immigrant food retailing: Exploring market (re-)orientation of ‘Turkish‘ grocery stores in Vienna
Co-worker: Claudia Czingon
Funding: Austrian Economic Chamber (WKO) (as part of the Austrian Economic Chamber Prize 2010)
Duration: 09/2010-08/2011

Michael Parzer
Consuming ‘other‘ cultures as a resource? Cultural openness and symbolic reproduction of social inequality

Andreas Gebesmair
Dynamics of Crossover Fads. A Field-Theoretical Approach to the Balkan Music Boom in Austria
Co-workers: Regina Sperlich, Michael Parzer (until 05/09)
Funding: Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Duration: 09/2008-12/2010

Andreas Gebesmair
Embedded Industries. Cultural Entrepreneurs in Different Immigrant Communities of Vienna
Co-workers: Ursula Hemetek, Bernhard Fuchs, Kim Kwok, Hande Saglam, Silvija Rapa, Eva-Maria Schmidt, Michael Parzer
Funding: Vienna Science and Technology Fund (WWTF)
Duration: 01/2006–05/2009

Michael Parzer
Musical tastes in popular culture (PhD project)

Noraldine Bailer
Phases in the professional development of music teachers
Co-workers: Mareike Dreuße, Michael Parzer and others
Funding: Jubilee Fund of the Austrian National Bank
Duration: 2006–2008

Michael Parzer
Kurt Blaukopf Archive at the Institute for Music Sociology
Funding: City of Vienna
Duration: 2004–2007

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