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Mag. Dr. Carina Altreiter

Address:A-1090 Vienna, Rooseveltplatz 2
Phone:+43 (1) 4277-49253
Fax:+43 (1) 4277-9482

Research interests:

  • Sociology of work and employment

  • gender studies

  • Social inequality and social change

  • Qualitative social research methods

  • Public sociology



Jörg Flecker
"Solidarity in times of crisis - Socio-economic change and political orientations in Austria and Hungary (SOCRIS)"
Co-worker(AT): Carina Altreiter, Saskja Schindler
Cooperating institutions: FORBA, Hungarian Academy of Sciences
Funding: Austrian Science Fund (FWF): I 2698-G27
Duration: 2016-2019

PhD project
‘On becoming and being a young blue-collar worker‘
Duration: 2013-2017
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Project at the WIENWOCHE
"Working towards idleness. Conceiving a utopia"
Duration: September 2017
Together with: Carina Altreiter, Franz Astleithner, Barbara Mataloni, Matthias Nocker, Péter Oroszlány, Christoph Steininger und Alessia Scuderi

University of Vienna (Jörg Flecker), FORBA
‘Provision of on-request reporting services - Network of correspondents. Austria‘
Co-worker: Carina Altreiter
Funding: Eurofound (European Foundation for the Improvement of Living and Working Conditions)
Duration: 2014-2017

Josef Weidenholzer, Bettina Leibetseder
‘Comparative study on the implementation of the means-tested minimum income in Upper Austria and Styria‘
Co-workers: Carina Altreiter, Heinz Leitgöb, Helga Kranewitter
Funding: Federal Ministry of Labour, Social Affairs and Consumer Protection (BMASK), Land of Upper Austria and of Styria
Duration: 2010-2013

Meinrad Ziegler
‘Without filter. Work and culture in the Linz tobacco factory‘
Co-workers: Carina Altreiter, Waltraud Kannonier-Finster
Funding: City of Linz
Duration: 2010-2012

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