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Members of staff at the Department of Sociology

Alexander, Lukasurban sociology and comparative social policy
Alpagu, FaimeMigration, refugee studies, biographical research, visual sociology, interpretative social Research
Altreiter, Carinasociology of work and employment, gender research, social inequality and social change
Antony, Alexanderaction and practice theory, sociology of knowledge/ tacit knowledge, sociology of the body and emotions, qualitative methods
Astleithner, Franzsociology of work and employment, economic sociology, social inequality, migration
Atzmüller, ChristianeExperimental Vignette Studies (Factorial Survey), quantitative methods, civil courage, youth violence
Bakonyi, Noemiinterpretative social research, migration, mobility, transnational social spaces
Berghammer, Carolinedemography, family, religion
Bittner, MarcQuantitative social research, development of questionnaires, organisation and analyses of surveys, statistical analyses in the subject areas aging & elderly care
Breckner, Roswitha visual sociology / image analysis, biographical research, migration
Casata, Raphaelasociology of knowledge, sociology of material culture, history of sociology
Cefalo, RuggeroComparative social policy, school-to-work transitions, Youth
Chahrour, Marieinformation follows
Chan, Ralphinformation follows
Cucca, Robertacomparative urban sociology, participatory urban politics, urban political ecology
Dannecker, Petra development sociology, globalisation, gender research
Dobner, SusanneAgeing, Mobility, Health, Urban Studies
Eisfeld, Kristinawelfare state comparison, quantitative empirical social research, social inequality, family
Fabian, Nataliasupporting the director of studies in teaching administration, postal administration, contract administration
Fassl, Annareciprocity, social capital, ageing
Flecker, Jörgsociology of work and employment, work organisation and relationships, labour market, transnationalisation, international comparative research
Flicker, Eva visual sociology/ film-/ media sociology, gender, organisation/ group dynamics
Friesenecker, Michaelurban studies, spatial and social inequalities, social area analysis
Froschauer, Ulrike interpretative social research, organisation, social constructivism
Gallistl, Veraageing, education
Grenz, Tilosociology of knowledge, mediatisation, media and technology appropriation
Haindorfer, Raimundmigration, integration, labor market, quality of life, life satisfaction, values and attitudes
Hanl, Christamanagement of the teaching schedule, Univis registration system and of the director of studies sociology website, examinations administration
Hannibal, Glendasocial robotics and artificial intelligence, human-robot interaction, continental and analytic philosophy of technology, STS and sociology of technology
Herr, Benjamin Reproduction work and platform-based labor
Holzinger, ClaraMigration, Education, Sociolinguistics
Hopf, Stefaninformation follows
Jepson, RyanCritical urban research, everyday life, rhythmanalysis, spatial production
Jesser, Andreabiographical research, youth, qualitative methods, qualitative data archiving
Jurjevec, Hannageneral administration, project management, event organisation (Prof. Kazepov / Prof. Pfadenhauer)
Kazepov, Yuriinternational urban sociology, comparative social policy
Klaus, Dominikinformation follows
Kogler, RaphaelaChildhood, qualitative social research, participatory research, appropriation of space, social space
Kolland, Franz ageing, education, life styles, sociology of developing countries
Kusiak, Joannacritical urban studies, law and society studies, Eastern European Studies
Liebhart, Christinamaintenance of data archive and third-party funded projects, urban and housing research
Liedl, Berndinformation follows
Lipp, Danièlegraduations (diplomas), nostrification requirements and transfers to new degree programmes, public defence scheduling
Mataloni, BarbaraYouth, school-to-work transitions, processes of social inclusion and exclusion, longitudinal research
Mayer, Elisabethbiographical research, visual sociology/ image analysis, interpretative social research
Mayer, ThomasAge/ageing and the life course
Mijic, Anasociology of knowledge and culture, sociology of identity and ethnicity, sociological theory, objective hermeneutics
Millendorfer, MarkusIT support, telephone lab, technical audio-visual furnishings for seminar/conference rooms, rental equipment
Molina, Camilosocial domination and inequality, urban and housing research
Nemrava, Renataenglish language support
Norden, Gilbert sociology of leisure and sports, historical social research
Overweg, Clarainformation follows
Parisot, Viktoriaageing and education, care
Paulinger, Gerhardsocial inequality, consumption, quantitative methods
Pfadenhauer, Michaelasociology of knowledge, social constructivism, mediatisation, social robotics
Pistauer, Elisabethgeneral administration, budget management, facility management, room planning
Pohn-Lauggas, Mariabiographical and multigenerational research, discourse analysis, interpretative social research
Pospech, Pavelpublic space, urban sociology, rural sociology, social theory
Pot, Mirjamurban research, politics & culture, eastern european studies
Quinz, Hannahinformation follows
Regös, Norainterpretative social research, migration, mobility, transnational social spaces
Reinprecht, Christophmigration, urban life contexts, political sociology, social inequality
Rieder, Ireneadministration third-party funded projects
Rohner, Rebekkaageing, social inequality, security
Scheibelhofer, Elisabethinterpretative social research, migration, mobility, transnational social spaces
Schindler, Saskjasociology of work and industrial relations, political sociology, social inequalities, empirical social research
Schlechter, Mariasociology of culture, social inequality, mediatisation, interpretative methods
Schlembach, ChristopherHistory of Sociology, Social Theory, Sociology of Deviance, Sociology of Organizations, Safety Culture
Schmidt, Eva-Mariabiographical research, family, masculinity research, organisation research
Schörpf, Philipinformation follows
Schreiber, MariaVisual Sociology, networked media cultures and social media, reconstructive social research
Seewann, Lenamaintenance of data archive and third-party funded projects, organisation of conferences and workshops
Verwiebe, Roland labor market, poverty, education, quality of life, life course, migration
Vogelmann, Lenavisual sociology/ film-/ media sociology, gender
Vogl, Susannemethods of social research, family sociology, sociology of deviant behaviour, childhood sociology
Wagner, Kathrintravel administration, home page administration, event organisation, supporting the head of department
Walch, Norainformation follows
Weisser, Annainformation follows
Wenzel, Juliaageing, education
Wiesböck, Lauramigration, social inequality, Europeanisation, transnationalisation
Wimmer, EvaQualitative Research
Wohlfahrt, JuliaLabour, Urban Development, Ageing
Wolf, MargaritaMigration, Visual Sociology, Interpretative Social Research, Methods of the Social Sciences,National Socialism, Concentration Camps, right-wing extremism
Zartler, Ulrikefamily, childhood, divorce, qualitative social research
Zenz, Valeriainformation follows
Zuccato-Doutlik, MarliesFamily, Religion, Qualitative methods in family research
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